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Church, State and Household Church, State and Household Church, State and Household

After a hiatus of six years Church, State and Household returned to Arreton in 2004.

In a week-long tenure the humdrum necessities of seventeenth century life were enlivened by the stirrings of war. Rumours flew in from the mainland, contraband flew out to it. (Well, more sailed then flew.) Sir Humphrey Bennett hastily assembled a band of soldiers.

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Drilling was order of the day at the soldiers camp. For those with household duties staff shortages had to be filled by strangers washed up on the shore. Rumours abounded of the the black coach crossing Apse Heath - but always by night. The gentry waited in strained apprehension. The soldiers waited in tense anticipation. The Draytons waited in the pub . . .